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"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks

"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks

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Have you asked...

"What are the warmest socks ever?"

"What are the best socks for cold feet?"

"Where can I find extra warm socks?"

"What are the warmest socks for extreme cold?"

"Seeking Warmest Wool Socks?"

The Superwarm Alpaca Socks are it!

Not only are alpaca socks warmer than any other sock, they're COMFORTABLE, DURABLE, WASHABLE and made from....ALPACA!

Find alpaca socks here that are thicker, warmer and more comfortable than anywhere else! USA designed and made since 2006, our Super Warm Alpaca socks are perfectly alpaca !

We are proud to offer these popular Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca socks from

Made from alpaca wool, these extremely warm thermal alpaca socks are surprisingly soft and comfortable. These alpaca socks are designed to last and last. Perhaps best of all, unlike most other heavy wool socks or alpaca socks, they were created to be Machine Washable/Dryable !

The socks "breathe" by design, allowing air to act as an insulator to keep your feet warm, dry and odor free. Some have tested the odor resistance to the extreme and have be amazed at the results!

The Superwarm alpaca socks are the ultimate in comfortable alpaca warmth for the feet! Designed to be the warmest, most comfortable heavy alpaca socks available! Perfect for outdoor sports like skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, hiking, winter fishing, winter camping, etc.

These are really warm alpaca socks!

These warm alpaca socks also a great choice for poor circulation and cold feet in general. The added terry cushioning not only keeps cold feet warm, it allows them to breathe so your feet do not get sweaty/clammy, and they provide good foot cushioning.

50% heavier than the nearest competitor.

These extreme warm socks are warm even when wet!

Our customers say they are the perfect choice for:

  • Outdoor work
  • Cold offices
  • Cold floors
  • Outdoor fun and sports
  • Outdoor walks
  • Poor circulation
  • Dry cracked winter feet
  • Fit great in boots
  • The Ideal Alpaca Socks for the Troops in the field
  • Socks for Viking Dry Suit SCUBA Diving!?
  • Added incredible level of warmth to slippers
  • Motorcycle riders praise the extreme warmth yet comfortable breathability of these alpaca socks
  • Tell us how you have used yours!

These extreme weather alpaca socks feature a heavy construction, thick sock walls and a soft cushion terry interior.

These socks have been to the Arctic Circle, the Antarctic, The Alaska Iditarod and other COLD places which need the Extreme Warmth they offer.

Materials: Alpaca, Microfiber, Nylon, Lycra
( )

Color: Cocoa Brown, Black, Grey

Height : Socks are a "tall" crew height. Do well in most boots.

Suggested Care: Turn inside out, machine wash, tumble dry low.

Machine washable and dry-able. Designed to last!

Sizes :
Small 7-9 (small women and kids ages 8-12)
Medium 9-11 (most women)
Large 10-13 (most men)
Extra Large 13-15 (men shoe sizes 12-14)
XX-Large (men shoe 14+)
* Note: size numbers are sock sizes, not shoe sizes

Why do socks and shoes have different sizing?..one of those weird garment industry things....
Please see our to see the sock size for your shoe size.

Made in USA Made in America American Made Proudly made in the USA!

Be sure to checkout some of the and interesting pictures people send in!

You will love our Superwarm Superheavyweight Extreme Alpaca Socks!

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