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Natural Lotion Bar 3-Pack
Natural Lotion Bar 3-Pack
Natural Lotion Bar 3-Pack

Natural Lotion Bar 3-Pack

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The Natural Lotion Bar 3-Pack consists of , & Lotion Bars. They a re all made of natural ingredients that will help alleviate the damaging effects of your skin. They soothes skin issues, such as cracked or dry skin.

Each tube contains 2.5 ounces of solid lotion to use whenever you need some intense moisturizing. Our lotion bars come in push-up tubes, for easy application, with less mess than lotion in liquid form. They are perfect for travelling, backpacking, biking or hiking-- just toss in your bag and go! The moisturizing oils help nourish extra dry problem spots like heels, elbows or knees. It penetrates deeply to give you softer skin and our all natural formula makes this lotion bar gentle enough for kids, toddlers and babies too! Check out the individual products for more information and ingredients.


  • Free from chemicals, only all natural ingredients
  • Solid, portable and great for travelling
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Biodegradable

INSTRUCTIONS To use, remove cap and push the bottom to bring product upwards. Rub directly on skin. Body heat will soften the lotion stick, releasing skin-nourishing oils and allow you to rub it in more easily with your hands. Massage into skin until absorbed. Do not use on open sores or lips.

Our eco-friendly composition is the perfect blend that your skin and our planet will appreciate!