We happily donate 10% of collection sales to non-profit trail manager organizations

Giving Back to Our Trails

Founded for those who love being surrounded by nature but don't want to harm it in the process of exploring. Let's reduce our impact by using responsible, sustainable products and supporting our diverse trail systems.

Our Mission

Reduce impact to our trails by providing sustainable products and supporting our trail systems directly through donation

EcoPath Difference

Our products adhere to at least one of our values. All purchases benefit trail associations for our future enjoyment.

Hand Made

Purchasing hand made products ensure your gear is made to last the trail, crafted by individuals that know what the backcountry wilderness has to offer.

Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced

Sleep well during your adventure knowing your camping equipment is ethically sourced and purchased as part of Fair Trade.

Recycled or Recyclable

Choose recycled or used gear from the start of your adventure and reduce your impact on our environment and reources.

Organic or Vegan Materials

Responsibly sourced materials that converve our most precious of resources. Enjoy the outdoors with clear-conscious gear.

Made and Manufactured in the US

Keeping our global footprint small as we explore our wildernesses and backcountry. The fewer miles between you and your gear, the better for our trails.

Support Small Business

Innovation starts with the mom and pop shops, small outfitters and one-man teams that make the outdoors that much better.

Our Impact

Join us in supporting our hiking trail systems!
Miles of Trails Cleaned
Donated to Scenic Trails
of Litter Cleared
Years of Impact