We happily donate 10% of collection sales to non-profit trail manager organizations

About Us

We acquired WarmChef.com in October of 2019 in order to capture our love of food and all things kitchen (including sustainable products). That said, we saw the need to focus on a higher purpose in 2020, so we split WarmChef.com and EcoPath.io into 2 different businesses. 

What is EcoPath.io?
Your source for unique and environmentally friendly products for your kitchen and home. We believe in sourcing products that are Eco-Friendly, Organic, Handmade, Women & Minority Owned Businesses, made in Small Batches, For Social Good and Based on Fair Trade. 

Changing the way you shop for a better, healthy self and planet needs to be easier. We make it easier than you think to be a part of the solution vs. the problem. Together along with CustomBoxes.io, we are also continuing to ensure what is smart is also cost conscience as much as possible as well.

Sustainable for you, the planet and your wallet.

Who are we?
Daniela is our Website Developer, a Home Chef and mom. She was born and raised in the beautiful coastal city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dani is obsessed with creating a flawless customer experience, but she asks you to bear with her while she juggles all of her responsibilities. She earned a bachelors degree in Marketing from Georgia State University and a bootcamp certificate for Software Development from Georgia Tech (she worked at Turner Broadcasting for 10 years before switching careers). She currently resides in Chamblee, GA with her husband and 2 kids.

Derick is our Buyer/Merchant: Derick is fanatic about creating a community through a superior audience experience, he earned a bachelors degree in Finance from University of Minnesota and an MBA at Emory University and worked for years in Merchandising / Buying at Home Depot.