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Important Environmental Information To Know From Around The Web

20 Gut-Wrenching Statistics About the Destruction of the Planet and Those Living Upon It
From: Treehugger.com

Every so often it is good to remind ourselves why we are working so hard to protect the environment and all its creatures. While many of these statistics are depressing, the good news is that we are currently working towards a solution for each one of these and making some pretty sizable progress.

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10 Products That are Killing the Environment (With Better Alternatives)
From: OneGreenPlanet.org

Eco-Friendly Products

Over the past 50 years consumerism has run riot, evolving to create a culture in which individuals lean towards items which are convenient, disposable and low-cost. Suppliers are meeting this demand with products that are intentionally designed and manufactured to have a limited lifespan after which they are discarded or replaced, giving rise to single-use items.

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13 Daily Habits That Are Bad For The Environment
From BlueAndGreenTomorrow.com

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We hear news about global warming and pollution every day, but few people are really doing something about it. But in order for the situation to change, we should start with ourselves. They say it only takes 3 weeks for a person to form a habit… The problem with many everyday habits is that they seem harmless, but in fact, they slowly destroy the environment. So, what is it preferable to give up?

Almost all of our habits impact the environment in one way or another. All we need to do to minimize the damage is to make a small change in our daily lives.

Here are 13 daily habits that slowly kill the environment:

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